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Holy smoke, it's been a long time since this page has been updated. Long story short, I had some hard drive issues that prevented me from transferring videos from camera to computer for editing, which I was just plain lazy about resolving. But now I have a whole second compy that is strictly for video-editing purposes, so there will hopefully be more activity here for those of you who like the moving-pictures. The first new offering is the opening-credits sequence (a preview, of sorts) of the Fall 2005 Ring Game video, presented as a teaser for the all-2005 and all-2006 DVDs that (knock on wood) I hope to have ready in time for the Spring 2007 Ring Game. Any resemblance to the opening credits of a certain long-running prime-time drama are purely parody in nature, and not worth litigating over.

The new preview is in Quicktime format (.mov, available in a "medium" and a "large" format, to accommodate varying download speeds); the rest are in Windows Media  format (.wmv). The files range in size from about 4 MB to 9 MB. So, click the link, go out and have a sandwich, and then come back to watch. Thanks to Bob for rendering the Quicktime files for me!


Word has reached me that the Bilbo Baggins video was shown at a convention in Chicago sometime in 2004. I'm flattered! But I wish they would have asked me ahead of time, 1) because it's nice to be asked (I'd've said, "yes!"), and 2) I could have sent them a DVD with a high-quality version rather than forcing them to show the awful-quality online version. So, if you are planning a convention and you want to show any of these videos, please contact me and I'll be happy to make arrangements with you. Thanks! Now, on to the videos:

NEW! Preview of the 2005 Ring Game DVD

Clicking on the image above will open a "medium" (384×288, 4.48 MB) size Quicktime file. For those with a VERY fast download speed and/or a great deal of patience, you can also try clicking here to download a "big" (512×384, 9.7 MB) Quicktime file.

Preview of the 2004 Second Age Game DVD

Ring Game Safety for Dummies (the Safety Dance)

Preview of the Spring 2004 Ring Game DVD!

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins!

Actual unsolicited feedback on the Bilbo video!

"Well, that definitely killed some brain cells." —David Salo, Official Tolkien languages translator of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

"I saw your music video for the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins at Filmcon last
weekend and Loved it. My kids loved it! You did a wonderful job!
Thanks for making such a great treat." —Per Malm

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By the way, if you'd like to see a video of my nephew Kyle intercepting a touchdown during a recent St. Thomas Academy football game, click here.