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 Important! Read this!

The following guidelines are provided to assist players in selecting weapons and armor for The Second Age (“SA”). Keep in mind, however, the following safety rules.

These rules will be enforced ruthlessly by the weapons judges and the referees. Anyone violating any of these rules will be immediately ejected from the game and turned over to the park rangers for disciplinary action. And we hope that they will confiscate your stuff and ban you from the park. Really. These rules are for your safety, and the safety of other users of the park, and are nothing to joke about or take lightly.


Players may carry up to three weapons to add to their point total. Only one of these may be in the "two-handed" category—additional weapons of this type will be rated at a lower level at the judges' discretion. For example, a player carrying a two-handed pole axe and a two-handed claymore sword would receive three points (two-handed weapon) for the pole axe, but only 2.5 points (long blade weapon) for the claymore, since a second two-handed weapon is not allowed.

Also note, the judges may, at their discretion, give a 0.5 point bonus for "historically matched" weapons. Here are some examples of the sort of thing we mean:

  1. Long sword and main gauche; "authentic fencer's kit"
  2. Long sword and short sword (or dagger); "Medieval Florentine style"
  3. Short sword and short sword; "Medieval Italian Skirmisher" or "Roman Young Infantry"
  4. Katana and wakizashi; "Japanese Samurai" set.
  5. Dagger and dagger; "knife fighting specialist" (like Legolas in the Fellowship of the Ring movie)
  6. Broadsword and hand axe or dagger; "Viking Berserker" set

Feel free to point out any historical matches that you think you have to the judges, but they're rather sticklers for authenticity ("they'd better be authentic as hell" was their exact words), so don't be too disappointed if you don't get it; it's only half a point, after all.

The points shown are for "fake" weapons and armor. "Real" weapons receive double the points shown—the judges have final say on what is "real" or not. Exception: rocks will only ever receive 1.5 points (small projectile weapon), 'cause let's face it, how hard is it to find a real rock?

Click on the thumbnails below to see slightly larger pictures in separate windows.

Two-handed weapon (3.0 points)

Examples: Pole Arm, Claymore, Flamberge, Large Battle Axe.


One-handed long bladed weapon (2.5 points)

Examples: Long Sword, Broadsword, Rapier, Katana. Blade length 24 inches or longer.


One-handed short bladed weapon (1.5 points)

Examples: Short Sword, Battle Axe. Blade length 12 to 24 inches.


Knife/dagger (0.5 points)

Examples: Fencing Dagger, Hunting Knife. Blade length less than 12 inches. Note: pocket knives are worth zero, so don't even bother to ask.


One-handed blunt weapon (1.5 points)

Examples: Mace, Club, War Hammer.


Staff (2.0 points)

Example: Quarter staff. Must be at least shoulder-height to the person carrying it; otherwise, it's treated as a one-handed blunt weapon (see above).

Large projectile weapon (2.5 points)

Examples: Crossbow, Spear.


Small projectile weapon (1.5 points)

Examples: Long Bow, Ninja Stars, Fist-size rocks. Any bow that does not also include a quiver will be automatically disqualified from receiving "real" points. Any number of projectiles equals only one weapon (you can't get 4.5 points for carrying three ninja stars—you only get 1.5). In case you missed the note above, here's a reminder that slingshots are not allowed in the park.


Miscellaneous weapon (0.5 points)

Examples: Chakram, Whip, Brass Knuckles. Basically, anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories is worth half a point.



Small shield (1.0 point)

Less than 22 inches in diameter.


Large shield (2.0 points)

22 inches or greater diameter.


Open helm (1.0 point)


Chain mail coif (1.5 points)

Closed helm (2.0 points)


Operation Valar (1.0 point)

Players who take part in the "Operation Valar" clean-up day on September 7th will receive one bonus point to their Second Age character.



Chest: 5.0 points; Back: 2.5 points; Shoulders/upper arms: 2.5; Forearms: 2.5; Thighs: 2.5; Lower legs: 2.5.


Scale Mail

Chest: 4.0 points; Back: 2.0 points; Shoulders/upper arms: 2.0; Forearms: 2.0; Thighs: 2.0; Lower legs: 2.0.


Chain Mail

Chest: 3.0 points; Back: 1.5 points; Shoulders/upper arms: 1.5; Forearms: 1.5; Thighs: 1.5; Lower legs: 1.5.


Heavy Leather Armor

Chest: 1.0 points; Back: 0.5 points; Shoulders/upper arms: 0.5; Forearms: 0.5; Thighs: 0.5; Lower legs: 0.5.


Light Leather Armor

Chest: 0.5 points; Back: 0.25 points; Shoulders/upper arms: 0.25; Forearms: 0.25; Thighs: 0.25; Lower legs: 0.25.


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