The Paladins’ Tale

You might ask your self the question, “where was Mark and Caroline this Ring Game?” or maybe, “What characters did they play again?” Well we certainly carried a low profile this game, arriving very late, missing the judging, and then not seeing any one again.  Well this Ring Game I, Mark, played the unofficial evil paladin and my wife, Caroline played the unofficial good paladin.  Yes, this Ring Game there were two evil and good paladins.  Well we understandably didn’t make it to picks meeting and lets face it communication where we now reside a bit patchy.  We did, however, come and had Jack take our pictures. Then we locked in an epic battle which raged far and wide.  The unofficial good paladin and the unofficial evil paladin where in fact equally matched.  We would join battle and fall away exhausted time and time again.


I know what you are thinking, “good wins all ties.”  Well we were unofficial and therefore Jeff and Bill suspended the rule as a joke and gave us equal point totals.  It did sort of make sense because our costumes were pretty much equal, although I will always argue mine had more stile, and we had identical weapons and armor.  Where were we after the game then?  Well truth be told we got very lost in a bondo-esque style and missed eating with everyone.  Then we were forced to return home due to an emergency staff meeting, damn these cell phones we should have turned them off.  I own one now despite my heavy preaching against them.

Well we hope everyone had as great a game as we did. See you spring game!


©2007 Mark Lueneberg. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.